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Tadoba is enchanting!

Located in the southern tropical dry deciduous jungle, with its myriad grasslands, bamboo groves and water-bodies, it is an internationally acclaimed biodiversity haven.  Home to over 280 tigers - and leopards, crocodiles, sambars, chitals, wild pigs along with a stunning variety of insect and bird life - the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve spans 622.87 sq. kms., and is regarding as one of the world’s most preferred tiger destinations.

And as an ode to this magical landscape, Hot Muggs is proud to bring you an equally stunning collection of merchandise inspired from the world at Tadoba.

Welcome to the official Tadoba eStore (amongst the first in the country).  

Browse through the store, shop your favorites, and also share your feedback.  Immerse yourself in the magic, and take the enchantment home.