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Anjan Tree

by Tadoba Store
Anjan Tree

Did you know that the hardest and heaviest wood in India isn't Teak? Numerous other trees hold that prestigious title, with Anjan (Hardwickia binate) standing tall among them. This majestic tree boasts one of the highest specific gravities, adorning many roadsides in Nagpur and gracing the Forest Rest House at Rambaug Colony in Chnadrapur.

Its graceful branches cascade with compound leaves, each adorned with two leaflets joined at the base, resembling delicate butterflies fluttering in the breeze. Legend has it that Anjan was a vital part of Ashokvan, where Sita resided during her captivity under Ravana, as mentioned by the sage Valmiki. Extracted oil from this tree emits a sweet fregrance, endering elephants to its bark. The resin extracted from its heartwood is prized for treating elephants sores and used in the manufacture of varnish. Anjan wood's resistance to terminate and its excellent polish makes it a favoured material for agriculture equipment, cartwheels, and more. Its study nature also makes it ideal for mine props, bridges, and house construction.

Remarkably, the bark of Anjan possesses a unique ability to absorb mercury from water, underscoring its ecological significance. In the past, ropes crafted from its bark were employed in capturing elephants. 

Planting native trees like Anjan presents a wonderful opportunity to preserve our natural heritage, eschewing exotic species for those that are indigenous to our land. Let's nurture our environment and celebrate the enduring beauty and utility of our native flora.


- Anirudh Chaoji

Senior Naturalist


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